Investigate and have fun with the microscopic world

This is a recreation area, where everybody can become a scientist and play. It’s an area where visitors can do experiments and have fun looking for microscopic organism and observing them, at different magnifications, moving the microscopic preparations around. We can follow the movements of different fresh- and saltwater organisms through two microscopes, one bright field and the other dark field. We will be able to take photos of them and learn their names with the help of a computer program. Another microscope shows some of our more undesirable guests, such as tapeworms, lice and intestinal parasites. With a magnifying glass we will be able to see the delicate structures of foraminifera, single-celled organisms that form part of the sand on many beaches. In the middle of this area several strangely-coloured microorganisms wander around the water of a large virtual pond. This is a work created by visitors who use the “Customise your microorganism” computer program to paint some of the components of microscopic world.

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